S S PETROCHEM is one of the leading Fuel Oil Manufacturer & Supplier Organization based in the heart of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Established in 2015 with 2 experts to grow and excel, it has now been supplying FUEL OIL to 30+ industries. Fuel oil is a substitute for Light Diesel oil & Furnace oil. Fuel oil is a fuel similar to conventional or fossil fuels like Light Diesel oil & Furnace Oil. It is the end product of plastic pyrolysis and is widely used as an industrial fuel. The company has extensive and in-depth knowledge in Petrochemicals, Biodiesel & Fuel Oils. Their experience in Petroleum as well as Bio products, right from selecting the raw material and platforms, to implementing their process know-how, has shown results.

With a crystal clear objective to deliver quality Industrial Fuels and Specialty Oils while incorporating supreme value to enterprises globally at an affordable price, S S Petrochem provides world-class Energy Solutions. They have tailored their in-house proven methodology to provide reliable products that meet present as well as future demands. The process at S S Petrochem comprises skilled professionals with experience working across various business segments. This multi-industry experience gives them the exceptional ability to analyze clients’ energy requirements and determine how the client can best benefit from using their product and services as a long-term partner. All of their products exhibit exceptional success and are backed by professionals.

S S Petrochem firmly believes that working as partners with their clients is the best way to stay in tune with their precise requirements.